“The AXIOM is the result of my more than 30 years of intimate research and preoccupation with analog playback – the interaction of the record groove with the cartridge and tonearm specifically.”

– D.D. Brakemeier/Designer


The AXIOM is a 12” pivot tonearm featuring double nano-gimbal bearings. It can be operated in static balanced, full dynamic balanced (with specific cartridges only) and hybrid balanced mode. The AXIOM is a full lateral balanced design.

The AXIOM features an unique compound arm wand – a combination of surface hardened Titanium and Carbon fiber pipes blocked together and internally damped by an all new design concept. A concept newer before applied in tonearm design. Resulting in unmatched fast energy transfer and total absence of any para- sitic resonances in the tonearm itself.

The AXIOM was designed to explore the possibilities of analog playback to the utmost degree. To accomplish the best possible analog playback performance, the AXIOM offers an unique complete bundle of alignment options.


Leveling the bearing axis

The AXIOM can be precisely leveled by the user, independent from the turntable or mounting surface.

SRA/VTA adjusted at the cartridge

In the AXIOM the important alignment(s) of VTA / SRA can be made right at the cartridge – without altering the static parameters of the tonearm, while preserving the other set align- ments and leaving the arm wand always in horizontal level.

Tracking force during play

Vertical tracking force can be set by static means (adjust counterweight and/or trim weight position relative to bearing point) as well as by magnetic force.

Dynamic anti-skating

Skating compensation – or anti-skating – adjustment in the AXIOM is dynamic and follows the tangential geometry of the AXIOM. It too can be adjusted during play.

Tonearm height – VTA

Tonearm height can be adjusted on the main VTA-tower of the AXIOM. One full turn of the large top knob does adjust height by precisely 1 mm.
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