Aquilar Anniversary Tonearm Review

Acoustical Systems Aquilar Anniversary Tonearm, and their Palladian cartridge are exceptional pieces of audio equipment. Beautifully engineered, when mated they present state-of-the-art analog performance, allowing the listener to simply sink into the music.

The Apolyt Turntable Review from Head-Fi

The result of all this naturally and beautifully presented information was that with music that I knew and that was new to me, on a number of occasions I became so emotionally involved.

The Apolyt Turntable Review from Analog Planet

Dietrich Brakemeier’s gargantuan Apolyt turntable wows visually but more importantly, based on the description he appears to have gotten all of the design fundamentals 100% correct and equally well-optimized.

Palladian Cartridge By Positive Feedback

Acoustical Systems’ tonearm Aquilar, as well as the top-of-the-range model Axiom, are characterized by the UNI-DIN geometry newly developed by Dietrich Brakemeier.

Aiwon Cartridge Review By ToneAudio

The AIWON may not be the last word in rendering minute details and the fastest of transients; the holographic projection of the relative size and weight of physical instruments in the spatial dimension is what makes the AIWON stand out amongst its peers.

Palladian Review From Audiocirc.Com

Just accidentally I discovered a cartridge which is so different to all my other 100 units that I couldn’t believe in the beginning how this is possible?

Acoustical Systems AQUILAR Tonearm Review

Of all the components in the audio chain of a HI-Fi system, the turntable’s tonearm is the only component which does not generate any mechanical motion or electrical signal of its own.

Axiom Review By Image HiFi

Underneath an impressive exterior are sonically beneficial technical solutions which you will not find in any other arm.

Axiom And Aiwon Review

I was amazed by its ability to extract subtle details from the record. For this reason, I have become a proud owner of Axiom and Aiwon.

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