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“A piece of gem” is by far the most impressive description that can be given to the Palladian Cartridge. Its design is an upgrade to the Aiwon but with a much improved feature – tempered aluminum cantilever which consistently refines the frequency range resulting to a more dynamic sound vibration.

The Body
The hammered surface of its titanium alloy body makes a difference that adds to its inherent qualities. Its two contact surface allows easy adjustment when mounted to any tonearm. 

Effective length w/Loefgren A:10” = 250 mm
12” = 300 mm
Pivot to Spindle:10” = 238 mm
12” = 288 mm
Offset angle:variable approx. 16° – 23°
Overhang: variable approx. 5 to 16 mm
Effective moving mass net:10” = 11.4 grams
12” = 18,8 grams
Inner wiring:soft aged pure silver litz wire
Resistance inner wiring:0.9 Ohms/m
Capacitance inner wiring:25 pF/m
Cartridge weight balanced:5.2 to 30 grams
Adjustment Ranges
Pivot plane adjustment:+/- 6° horizontal
Arm wand height adjustment:15 mm
Offset angle adjustment:+/- 4°
Overhang adjustment:max. 11 mm
Azimuth adjustment:+/- 8°
SRA angle adjusment:97° to 84°
VTA angle adjustment:28° to 14°
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